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What to do if you are a Talk Talk customer

Posted by Scott Bartlett on 29 October 2015

The Talk Talk cyber attack has left many wondering how at risk they are and what they should do to protect themselves. 

BTA's inhouse technical guru, Scott Bartlett, explains what you can do now if you are a Talk Talk customer, and how to protect yourself moving forward. Cyber attacks like the recent Talk Talk one are likely to become increasingly common as hackers get braver and more technically advanced. It is well worth the nominal amount of time and money required to increase your cyber defenses. 

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Top 5 Security Issues SMEs Should Know About

Posted by Darron Millar on 22 October 2015

You probably have an alarm system for your home (or at least a very good lock and a very loud dog), because you know burglars are constantly lurking.  But it is doubtful you have the right cyber security protection for your business, or even consider cybercrime a real threat.

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Why the Hybrid Cloud Makes Sense for SMEs

Posted by Scott Bartlett on 14 October 2015

Terrestrial or cloud.  That is the question. 

The answer for most SMEs is both.

SMEs all over the world are reaping the benefits of cloud based voice and data services by setting up hybrid IT environments that use both hosted and on-premise solutions.

Simply put, a hybrid IT solution is a mix of on premise, hosted and cloud services, along with mobile solutions, collaboration and devices. It effectively removes the need for SMEs to move their whole IT estate to the cloud, while allowing them to make the cloud an extension of their existing environment.

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Technical Services Update: October

Posted by Ben Anin-Boateng on 12 October 2015

Each month we share the latest updates from our technical service team, relating to trends we are seeing, new software releases and the latest technology we think is worth mentioning.

Here is the update for October:

Update on Microsoft (Windows 10 & Office 2016)

As most everyone probably knows by now, Microsoft have released the new operating system ‘Windows 10’ as well as Microsoft Office 2016. At this stage, BTA is recommending to clients not to upgrade to either Windows 10 or Office 2016 until any initial bugs have been resolved.  That said, in cases where an upgrade is unavoidable, a clean install rather than an upgrade is advised. All clients who have Microsoft Office with their Office 365 subscription will be affected as any new machines, new users or additional apps that need to be set up or installed will require a clean installation of Office 2016.

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BYOD is dead - Say hello to CYOD

Posted by Audra Oliver on 08 October 2015

Remember the ‘Bring your own device’ movement? It wasn’t quite as big as the Climate Change movement, or grow-a-beard movement (thank you Hipsters), but it was nonetheless a movement—a trend where employees are allowed to bring their own laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets to work instead of their employer buying those machines and maintaining the hardware and infrastructure to support them. Because most companies have moved to cloud-based systems, this strategy seemed like a no-brainer. Companies would save money, and employees could use the device of their choice.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Internet Might be Slow

Posted by Duane Godwin on 01 October 2015


Wait, wait, wait, wait. 

Your page finally loads.

“GRRRRRRRR,” you say, “Why is the internet so slow?!”

Well we are going to tell you.  Below are the top 5 reasons why your internet could be slower than it should be.

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