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7 Free Apps You Should Get for Windows 10

There is an entire world of apps for Windows 10. Some are incredibly useful, others are fun, and a few seem to perform minor miracles (like recover deleted files from an..

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Businesses Are Not Taking Cyber Security Seriously – And Paying For It

It used to be that a good security system and a building with a manned gate kept businesses safe. Employees with key cards and CCTV surveillance were icing on the cake. ..

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5 Essential Tips for Microsoft Word

Most of us know how to do the basics in Microsoft Word—bold text, copy, paste, create bullet points and change font size. But few of us have ever been shown how to use..

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What is Encryption: This is how apps keep your data safe

You may have thought twice about the security of messages sent over WhatsApp, or about using an app for online banking. After all once you press ‘send’ or ‘transfer’,..

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Top Tips & Hidden Tricks for iOS 10

iOS 10 is filled with practical improvements that most of us would use – if we knew about them.  Some things are obvious, but others are little hidden gems that most of..

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5 Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

It is a hot topic that continues to stay ‘hot’ and a growing issue for businesses worldwide: cyber security. But can we expect to see the same issues next year that we..

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