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Banks: Too big to…. go to the Cloud?

Metro Bank IT Companies Best IT Provider London.jpgSure, your business uses cloud services—Microsoft Office 365 for example, or perhaps you even have StorageCraft Cloud Back up for your Office 365.  But what about your IT infrastructure?  Is it in the cloud?  Many businesses are still reluctant to completely move to the cloud because they think they are too big, or the process will be too complicated. The truth is—moving to the cloud now will make things less complicated later. And unless your business is larger than a bank, you are not too big.

Metro Bank recently completed moving its IT infrastructure to a private Rackspace cloud platform, in order to keep up with the latest technologies and reduce costs.  It is a bold move, but the benefits were carefully weighed, as were the pro’s and con's, and it was determined it was the right step.  Plus MetroBank is kind of bold anyway.  When it launched, it outsourced all its IT to avoid being tied in with legacy systems, which are often blamed for traditional high street banks being slow to take on the latest technologies.

Metro Bank currently has 45 retail branches and plans to increase this to 100 by 2020. To support its growth, the bank decided it had to migrate its IT infrastructure, including its core banking systems and digital services. The initial 12-month migration project was delivered on time and to budget, without any downtime. Metro Bank is using DevOps to help it quickly create more services in a controlled environment as it moves towards automated management. And as one would expect, their new cloud based infrastructure includes disaster recovery capabilities.

Banks are built on massive IT infrastructures that process huge volumes of data on a daily basis. The cloud’s most obvious benefits entail allowing banks to keep up with technology changes while reducing costs. But there are other benefits: not having physical hardware to maintain, not being susceptible to physical disasters and being able to reallocate budgets to other IT areas such as cyber security.

Officially, there have been 75 cyber-attacks on UK banks in 2016, up from 2014 when only five attacks on financial institutions had been reported. Times have changed, and instead of keeping floors of servers the right temperature and secure, banks need to keep incredibly advanced hackers from around the world from stealing money and accessing highly confidential data.

It isn’t just banks however that need to re-think their IT budgets, consider outsourcing their IT, or move their IT infrastructure to the cloud.  It is all businesses. Operating effectively depends on being able to connect to suppliers, services and customers… on keeping track of orders, shipments and client info instantly and accurately… and on utilising budgets carefully.  This can’t be done without a carefully considered IT plan, executed by true IT experts.

We happen to know some.

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Written by Peter Filitz

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