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The Best Tech for Travel in 2017

it providers it companies it experts bluesmart suitcase.jpgIt is that time of year when many of us begin dreaming of, or indeed preparing for, a warm weather holiday.  Short, dark days and constant drizzle is enough to make anyone reach for their passport. But before you decide to leave all technology behind for a complete break from your busy, gadget-filled life, check out the tech our IT experts think may help you to have a better trip.

TP Link M7350 Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot

Data roaming can be expensive, even with the EU limit on charges. MiFi (find out what MiFi is here) lets you share a mobile connection from a single SIM with up to 10 devices, meaning you pay only once.

The TP-Link M7350 is our IT experts’ favourite MiFi device. It has a built-in LCD screen that shows you how much battery remains, the strength of the signal, how much data has been used, how many devices are connected, etc. Plus the TP-Link is unlocked, so not only can you use it with any SIM from any UK mobile operator, but you can also take advantage of cheap PAYG SIMs abroad. It costs £69.99 from Amazon UK.

Bluesmart Suitcase

For those that may be travelling for business more than pleasure, you may want to check out the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase. It has built-in GPS that lets you track it anywhere in the world. No more worrying about leaving sensitive corporate documents on a train or plane!

The Bluesmart can be controlled by an app, which is great so long as your mobile phone doesn’t run out of battery (which it won't because the suitcase also contains a built-in power bank that'll charge your phone up to six times). There is a built-in scale to make sure you don't pack too much, plus a digital lock that keeps out thieves. Moreover, it makes a decent suitcase for carrying your things, with easy access to all your belongings including a slot for your laptop.

Buy the Bluesmart case direct from Bluesmart for £399.

Smart Padlocks

If you would rather not pay £400 for the Bluesmart suitcase, you can invest in a smart Bluetooth padlock from Noke or Master Lock, which will let you unlock your belongings using an app on your phone. Say goodbye to loose little keys, or combinations to remember.

Noke locks cost £60 to pre-order from Firebox. Or you can get the Master Lock 4400EURD Bluetooth Smart Padlock now from Amazon UK for £58.

Solar Chargers

Charging your phone abroad can be a pain.  From confusing adaptors to not having any mains power on the beach, many of us just end up with a dead phone most of the trip. But not now—if you have a solar charger! Solstice Power Solutions sells a range of power banks that can be charged from the mains or using solar power. Our IT experts like the £19.99 SP-SC-0015and £49.99 SP-SC-0021, depending on whether you want a rugged, waterproof one or not.

Jet Lag Calculator

It is not a gadget, but this free Jet Lag Calculator could come in useful. It will work out a Jet Lag Plan that will help you recover as quickly as possible, but you must remember to do it three days before you travel.


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