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4 Benefits a Managed Help Desk Brings to an SME

IT_Provider_4_ReasonsIt goes without saying that technology is a necessary investment for all businesses. But being clever about how that investment is made is critical to ensuring pounds aren’t needlessly spent. For most SME’s (15-250 employees), a managed help desk service, provided by a trusted IT support company, is the most cost effective way to keep things running and employees productive.

While some businesses have an internal help desk team, usually this group (or person), consist of the same individual(s) that are also responsible for overall IT strategy and company-wide tasks and maintenance. Because of this basic troubleshooting for employees is often not dealt with quickly due to more pressing matters taking priority, or vice versa—more pressing matters aren’t dealt with because IT staff are constantly helping staff with computer issues. 

Luckily, there is a solution. Here are four benefits you will enjoy with a managed help desk service from a trusted IT support provider:

Remote Technology Assistance

Remote technology assistance means that an IT professional in London can help a PA in Manchester solve 95% of her computer issues. The IT engineer can view the employees screen, hard drive and as an administrator, make changes and fix issues instantly. Long gone are the days of having to hunt down the ‘IT guy’ who is ‘not around today’ to deal with an issue that is preventing you from working properly. Remote technology allows a managed help desk service to fix issues immediately. 

No Matter the Circumstance, You Have an IT Expert Who Can Help

Sometimes the IT problem an employee faces, isn’t something the IT manager knows how to fix. One person, or even a small IT team, usually don't have enough experience and knowledge to cover all the things that are likely to go wrong. With a managed help desk service, your business has access to a full suite of experts who cover the entire spectrurm of IT problems. This means any issue, under any circumstance, can be solved quickly by someone who knows what they are doing.

Expenses You Can Budget For

Tech support through a managed help desk service is a predictable expense. Rather than have to call a consultant in (at a high rate) or an IT support company to fix larger issues (at a very high rate), the fixed monthly cost of a managed help desk allows you to budget easily and in the long run, keep costs down.

Things Just Work

Most managed help desk services are part of an overall managed IT services package that does more than just fix the daily IT issues that arise. A good managed IT service will ensure your business’s entire IT infrastructure is optimised, secure and working properly day in and day out. They will also use preventative maintenance to ensure problems are identified and fixed before they arise.

For more information on managed help desk services, expert IT providers London and managed IT services, call BTA today—the business IT experts.


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