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Banks: Too big to…. go to the Cloud?

Sure, your business uses cloud services—Microsoft Office 365 for example, or perhaps you even have StorageCraft Cloud Back up for your Office 365.  But what about your..

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5 Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

It is a hot topic that continues to stay ‘hot’ and a growing issue for businesses worldwide: cyber security. But can we expect to see the same issues next year that we..

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Two Questions All IT Directors Should Ask Themselves

Ten years ago we thought we were in the midst of a digital revolution. But many would argue, if that was revolution, what we are in now is a total transformation. ..

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How You Approach Technology Affects Your Entire Budget

For most businesses, one of the largest expenses is payroll.  Good people cost money, and by hiring talented employees, a large portion of the operational budget is..

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