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GDPR – What is it and how does it affect SMEs?

I have to start this blog article by saying I am not a lawyer and so if you are reading this I would urge you to take legal advice for your particular situation.

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Banks: Too big to…. go to the Cloud?

Sure, your business uses cloud services—Microsoft Office 365 for example, or perhaps you even have StorageCraft Cloud Back up for your Office 365.  But what about your..

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Japan to Open the First Farm Run By Robots

It is the stuff of Sci-Fi films, but it is happening—and soon. Next year a Japanese company is opening the first farm run almost entirely by robots.

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Administrator and Different Types of User Accounts: Explained

Most of us know what an Administrator profile is, as well as a general User profile when it comes to our PC.  Admins are liken to God and Users are liken to the general..

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