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Top 5 Technology Trends to Influence Businesses in 2017

Technology evolves somewhat like a garden does—with some elements growing slowly over time, and others spreading like wildfire given the right conditions.

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Dell is Now Accepting Bitcoins as Payment

As an IT consultancy that procures its fair share of Dell devices, we were interested to hear that Dell has recently become the largest retailer in the world to accept..

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New Ransomware - CryptoJoker - is Not a Joke

Beware of a new ransomware called CryptoJoker that encrypts your data using AES-256 encryption and then demands a ransom in bitcoins to get your files back. CryptoJoker..

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Machine Learning is About to Change Everything

Artificial intelligence exists all around us in subtle ways, embedded in our daily activities thanks to the rise of machine learning.

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