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Choosing the right hardware and software

Over the past 20 years, technology has become much more accessible and affordable.  In all industries, business operations can rarely run without either PCs, laptops,..

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Big Data and Analytics – not just for large corporations

The explosion of data has been a constant trend in the last decade, and businesses are still figuring out what this means for them. The term ‘Big data’ is used to define..

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The Benefits of a Circular Economy

  • ..

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7 ways to get a high quality wireless network

A high quality wireless network can make your business more agile and efficient, so it’s vital to make sure a fast and reliable network covers your offices. Wireless..

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What's the best way to manage your passwords?


Password management best practice

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and the 87 million accounts affected by privacy violation have made data privacy and..

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8 Ways to improve your cyber security


Keep your business safe

Following on from BTA’s recent Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, we’d like to offer some guidance on how to improve your own cyber security.

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