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BTA’s Top 5 Tips for Outlook 2016

Most of us live in Outlook. It controls our diaries, our email and to-do lists.  Without it, we would have to walk down the hall to verbally deliver messages and put a..

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7 Free Apps You Should Get for Windows 10

There is an entire world of apps for Windows 10. Some are incredibly useful, others are fun, and a few seem to perform minor miracles (like recover deleted files from an..

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BTA Top Tip: Battery Saving Apps for Smartphones

It is the time of year for sunshine, long lunches, and a good holiday break.  But even if you plan on turning your phone off for a device-free Bank Holiday trip, you may..

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5 Essential Tips for Microsoft Word

Most of us know how to do the basics in Microsoft Word—bold text, copy, paste, create bullet points and change font size. But few of us have ever been shown how to use..

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How to Spot a Fake App

A few weeks ago, the world celebrated International Data Privacy Day. The goal of the day is to draw attention to all the personal information you own, and make sure it..

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The Best Tech for Travel in 2017

It is that time of year when many of us begin dreaming of, or indeed preparing for, a warm weather holiday.  Short, dark days and constant drizzle is enough to make..

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