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Why Coronavirus and Microsoft Teams might transform your productivity


With COVID-19 causing the UK to go into lockdown, we now have a nation of home workers. However, home working doesn’t mean lower productivity. Introducing Microsoft Teams, here to ensure not even a pandemic can slow down your workforce. Here’s why. 

Reduces stresses = Heightened productivity  

No longer will stressful commutes hinder productivity, the lack of travel time will save hours and will improve employee work life balance.  Also, most employee’s homes tend to be quieter than the average office. 

Tools that enhance efficiencies  

You don’t need to share a room with your co-workers to effectively collaborate. Entire departments can work simultaneously from a shared document. No need for annoying back and forth emails, as notes, questions and updates are easily accessible from within the platform.  Screensharing allows teams to present work much easily, removing the need to huddle around one laptop in physical meetings.  

Team meetings, nailed it 

Similarly, meetings can take place without friction. Shared chatrooms can provide communication for up to 80 people, via video, whether they’re in the office or at home. These call sessions can be recorded and transcribed automatically, ensuring nobody misses a beat. 

Sharing is caring 

Easy integration is expected with Microsoft, and Teams is no exception. Easily link files from OneDrive, with a simple copy and paste, into any communication channel. Read and edit permissions can also be setup with ease 

Transparent scheduling 

Scheduling can feel like herding cats, especially with older platforms like Outlook. With the Teams calendar all users can see their own and all shared calendars of other departments.  Now schedulers needn’t bother someone at home as calendars adapt and develop easily behind the scenes.

And that’s just the start… 

There are plenty of tricks within Teams that’ll transform the way you work. Filter chats and personal messages or to do lists using @mentions. Goodbye information overload.  You can speed up various basic operations with slash commands. E.g. /GoTo will jump you straight into a channel. Or /Saved will jump you to your saved messages.  For international teams, inline message translation is fantastic; users chat in in their native tongue and Teams translates. Basically the more you use teams, the more you see it as a productivity enhancing, onsite/offsite, swiss army knife.  

Keep cool, keep productive

We’ve certainly seen the benefit of utilising Teams during this challenging period, and so have many other organisations across the globe. For example, Air France have used it to replace old radio systems, and Helsinki University are bridging the gap between student and teacher remotely! I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has taught us that we can still remain productive and efficient through tough times. 

Make sure your business is ready for any more coronavirus curveballs.  

To start taking advantage of Teams speak to a member of our team today. 


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Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

Graham Stead is Client Relationship Director at CMI Limited, and has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years. Starting his IT career as an engineer for Hewlett-Packard, Graham later started his own business which he sold to CMI in 2016. As Client Relationship Director, Graham is responsible at CMI for ensuring our clients receive expert commercial IT advice that a modern business demands.

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