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Windows 10 - Tips & Tricks You'll Love

Windows_10-1.pngMany people have now upgraded to Windows 10, but few are aware of everything Windows 10 can do. And it can do a lot. Windows 10 is packed with user-friendly shortcuts and advanced functionality that has impressed even our hardest-to-impress engineers. Below we compiled a list of our favourite Windows 10 tips and tricks. 

[Remember: Free upgrades to Windows 10 end July 29th!]

Powerful natural language search

Cortana is your very own personal assistant. She can execute a variety of commands you give her such as playing music, creating reminders, or showing you the weather. But what we are finding Cortana most useful for, is basic search functionality.  For example, you can give Cortana verbal commands like “Find pictures from August” or “Find documents with Windows 10” and she will apply the appropriate filters, before searching all your local files and OneDrive storage for results.

Customise your Start menu

With Windows 10, you can make the Start menu your own. If you appreciate the blend of the traditional interface with the Live Tiles, note that you can right-click on any tile and select Resize to alter the tile’s dimensions.

Alternatively, if you really don’t like Live Tiles, you can also right-click on every one of the defaults in the Start menu and select Uninstall to wipe them from your system. (Or simply Unpin from Start if you’d rather hide than eradicate them.)  You can then repopulate them with desktop software of your choosing. Just right-click any app or program and select Pin to Start.

PCWorld's created a great guide on how to customise the start menu further, which you can find here.

Cast videos to TVs and more

To beam a video to your TV, open it in Edge, then click on the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner of the browser. A drop-down menu appears; click Cast media to device. After a moment, a black window with the names of all nearby Miracast/DLNA devices will appear. Simply choose the one you want and after a few minutes, it should begin to play.

The only caveat is you can only cast media to Miracast- or DLNA-equipped devices, and it won’t work with DRM-protected streams from Netflix and the like. YouTube works just fine though.

Move open windows between virtual desktops

Virtual desktops let you segregate your open apps into discrete areas—i.e. multiple, virtualised versions of your PC’s desktops. Switching between open virtual desktops is easy enough using Task View (the button that looks like two panels, one over the other, in the taskbar). You can also shift an open app from one desktop to another—all you have to do is go to the virtual desktop it is in, open the Task View interface, click-hold-drag it to the desired virtual desktop at the bottom of your screen.

Record a video of an app

Windows 10’s new Game DVR function is supposed to be used for recording video evidence of your most glorious gaming moments, but it will actually let you create videos of any open app or desktop software (though not operating system areas like File Explorer or the desktop).

To create a video, simply press Windows key + G. A prompt will ask you if you want to open the Game bar.  Click the “Yes, this is a game box” and various options will appear in a floating bar. Simply click the circular Record button to capture a video. You can find your saved videos in the Game DVR section of the Xbox app, or inside your user folder under Video > Captures.  Very cool.

The amount of new goodies in Windows 10 is almost mind-boggling.  These 5 tips only scratch the surface. If your company hasn’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet—don’t get left behind! Call BTA today for advice on upgrading your organisation or information on other outsourced IT services. 020 8875 7676.



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