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Using Microsoft Teams for your next phone system

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Microsoft Teams has become the hub of communication for many businesses over the past 6 months, and virtual video meetings have largely become the new ‘internal’ phone system.

Microsoft Teams has become so successful, that many are now asking the question “Can Teams be used as a fully functional phone system to make and receive external calls too?”. The great news is yes it can!

In this webinar, co-hosted with our partner 8x8, we’ll be sharing the benefits of integrating full telephone functionality into Microsoft Teams, and the few simple steps you need to take to do so.


Topics: Modern Workplace

Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

Graham Stead is Client Relationship Director at CMI Limited, and has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years. Starting his IT career as an engineer for Hewlett-Packard, Graham later started his own business which he sold to CMI in 2016. As Client Relationship Director, Graham is responsible at CMI for ensuring our clients receive expert commercial IT advice that a modern business demands.

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