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Extending Support: A new model for BTA clients

One of the most critical elements of providing managed IT services is ensuring support is available, responsive and able to solve the problem.  Businesses need an IT team they can depend on without a surprise cost every time something goes wrong.  Without predictable billing, it is impossible to budget properly, and without constant IT support, businesses are exposed to a multitude of risks.  In order to solve this problem, BTA has recently revamped its support offering to deliver technical assistance in the way clients need it most.

BTA now offers all onsite and remote support for clients, including comprehensive backend infrastructure and end user support, for one monthly cost.  This means there are no additional costs for onsite callouts; all support is included.* This model replaces the mix and match onsite and remote support model, which was confusing and less predictable in terms of cost.  Additionally, BTA has extended its Help Desk hours to 08:00-18:00.

As part of this new support model, BTA has also created an optional 24 / 7 add-on to provide support during a wider and more realistic span of modern working hours.

There are variations in packages depending on the size and particular needs of a client.  More information is available by emailing sales@bta.com.

*Fault fixing only


Peter Filitz

Written by Peter Filitz

Peter is BTA's Sales Manager (who would prefer all meetings to be on the golf course).

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