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24/7/365 Threat Detection & Response

Cybercrime doesn’t close for business. To defend against modern threats, organisations must be able to continuously monitor their networks, devices and Cloud. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers early detection and response to incoming threats – before an incident can occur.

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Make Protection Your Priority

Cybercriminals are working smarter and harder in order to elude our security. With their methods evolving and their efforts doubling down, businesses want protection that anticipates and protects.
Our Security Operations Centre provides your business with a team of security experts, each specialising in cyber threat detection, response and remediation.
Not only does this round-the-clock security coverage keep you protected at all times, but it also helps you identify gaps in your security, prevent further attempts on your business data and take proactive, protective steps across your organisation.
With our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), you’re better protected against the latest threats – and those yet to come.

Cyber Security that works overtime, all the time

Designed with your organisation in mind, our Security Operations Centre service leaves your company security to the professionals, and you to concentrate on your business goals.


Next-Gen Malware & Ransomware Protection

Spot malicious files in transit and stop them from ever slipping through the cracks.

Network, Endpoint and M365 Monitoring

Log monitoring with 1 year storage protection.

Intrusion Monitoring and Breach Detection

Real-time threat detection, identifying suspicious activity in process and preventing catastrophic breaches.

Incident Response and Remediation

Identify, resolve and repair the damage following a security incident.

Threat Intelligence

Ever-evolving analytics on your threats, weaknesses and security inhibitors, with support for new and emerging threats’

Continuous Security Monitoring

24/7 security, 365 days a year across your cloud, your network and your endpoints. There’s never a chance to let your guard down.

Who is this security service for?

The 24/7/365 Managed SOC services in intended for organisations who:

Are short on IT resources

Lack security skillsets

Desire to save money by outsourcing cyber

Want to avoid becoming a data breach or ransomware victim

Require continuous monitoring for protecting the crown jewels

Can access an experienced cyber team without the cost of hiring

Must demonstrate robust security to meet compliance, regulatory or key stakeholder demands

Other Solutions from CMI

Cyber Security training for teams – your company’s human firewall

Vulnerability Assessment and Monitoring – for network protection

Security Compliance – for your regulatory and data protection responsibilities

ISO 27001 ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified



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24/7/365 Cyber breach detection, response & remediation

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